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by | Sep 19, 2022 | Kratom Good Manufacturing Practices

Kratom Extract Tablets on Sale Now!

We added Kratom Extract Tablets in two types available now on the website:

We have most powders in stock and we will be working on filling in the gaps over the next few weeks. We work extremely hard to ensure that only the best kratom powder is available at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.

These new extract tablets work best when chewed thoroughly! Buy kratom online at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals today!


We now have 9 flavors of Kratomade in stock! We will be adding new speciosa and botanical products to the website over the next few months and into 2023.

We are currently working on the formula for our tincture shots which will be available in three flavors! These shots will be one servings 150 mgs alkaloids per bottle.

The kratom tincture shots and the kratom extract tablets work great for on the go! They are both excellent for enhancing the average kratom serving size

I will use my normal powder amount in the morning and then instead of my next serving of powder I will take an extract tablet or a half of a bottle of tincture.

Kratom side effects can correlate directly with dosage. White vein kratom can be a bit more energetic or jittery. Extracts and tinctures can be easier on the digestive system.

Both products seem to enhance the powder and make the experience last longer. I have used half powder and half tincture. Instead of needing to use kratom every 4 hours, I can wait 5-6 hours later instead.

Herbal medicine near me

It is why we have so many plants in the world we are still discovering. I am still just so amazed how the human body can repair and protect itself. I am incredibly lucky to be writing this to you right now. I know that I am lucky to still be here on this earth.

I love being personally involved in every aspect of the company, and I love to talk to my customers. Kratom and traditional herbal medicine is very personal to me. I was raised around family that trusted herbs and allowed me to help myself as needed. In the 1980’s and 1990’s there was not as much science about herbs as there is today.

Our family was involved in the early days of Herbalife and we all learned alot about traditional chinese medicine.

I am learning more each day about these plants that we share this world with daily. I am always amazed these plants work synergistically with our bodies.

Herbs and plants have been here for a long time, and nothing is new under the sun. Plants, herbs, and people are still the same as we have been for thousands of years. The technology has changed!

Please remember to support our small family business and shop on our official website. We seriously have three employees and have been working hard since 2016! We want to grow bigger and provide top quality speciosa to everyone. Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is working hard to be one of the best kratom brands in the country.


Our customer service cannot be beat! Whatever strain of kratom, powder or capsules you will find 3rd party lab tested products at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals!

Whether you want lab tested capsules, st john wort, herbal products, or crushed leaves we have you covered. We are your American kratom association approved online kratom vendor!

We have bulk kratom available for those who want to save on kratom!

God Bless You and have a great Fall season!


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