How To Make Kratom Extract

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How to make kratom extracts?

Kratom extracts are super simple to make, very similar to making other herbal tinctures. Kratom extraction is easier than you think.

Just take your kratom, throw it in a mason jar, add everclear 180 proof alcohol, if you can’t get everclear you can try with a more diluted vodka, but I’d aim for the highest proof you’re able to acquire. I know some states don’t sell it, so try to get at least 100 proof vodka if you can. But you add kratom and alcohol together till it’s fully saturated.

The more alcohol you use the less that will be lost to straining out the powder later, but also the longer it’ll take to evaporate off in the end. I would start around 2:1 alcohol to kratom, so if you are using 100g of kratom pour in 200 ml of alcohol.

Just make sure it’s all fully soaked with a little extra to splash around. Then add a few drops of lemon juice to aid in extraction of alkaloids, it’s optional though. I’d say 4-5 drops of your doing the above amount will be plenty.

Then just close the lid, fill a crockpot with water, set it on low, and put the jar in the water bath for a solid 2-8 hours. You can carefully pull it out and give it a good shake at the halfway point to make sure everything is absorbing nicely. Then take it out, let it cook a bit, and strain it. Throw a few layers of cheesecloth or an old cotton t-shirt, making sure to really squeeze out as much as possible.

You can take that wet kratom powder and run it again with more alcohol if you’re worried about getting everything out, but I personally wouldn’t bother wasting the alcohol to do all that. Then take that alcohol and see if there’s still kratom particles inside the tincture, if there is then you can filter through a coffee filter to remove the grainy texture.

Kratom Calculator

After that you will do some math. Take the original amount of powder and divide it by the amount of tincture you know currently after extraction. That’ll give you the amount per ml or whatever unit you want to use to measure it in. I’d suggest measuring it in ml, as that’s the most common way tinctures are measured to be dosed.

There’s 30ml in one fluid oz by the way. So let’s say you used 100g of powder and you have say 150 ml of tincture left, that means each ml of tincture contains .6g at this point.

Hope this helps! Just make sure you do the math right, so you don’t end up feeling bad about taking too much. I would say start with half your normal dose of powder when first trying the tincture or enhanced powder, that way you can help prevent overdoing it at first.

Remember that 1 fluid oz equals 29.5735 Milliliters. 30 ml is roughly one fluid ounce.

Evaporating alcohol from tincture

You can reduce the volume of tincture by evaporating off more alcohol, which will increase the concentration of the tincture. So, let us say you want 4g per ml. That means you’ll want to reduce that tincture till you have 25ml left. 25ml x 4g/ml= the starting 100g.

There are a few ways you can do this, but the simplest way and the safest way is by simply opening the mason jar lid, placing some cheese cloth or small chunk of old t-shirt over the top of the jar, and pointing a fan at the opening to help it evaporate quicker. You can just sit it and let it evaporate naturally, but it will take longer. The higher the proof alcohol will evaporate faster as well.

Just let it sit and wait for it to be reduced to 25ml. If you want to be able to accurately gauge it easier, before evaporating you can take 25ml of water, pour it into a mason jar, and mark a line at that level, which will give you a visual aid. Or just use a measuring cup with the volume levels on the side. I’d also suggest using a smaller volume container that’s skinnier, that way it’s easier to gauge the amount left in the container.

Once it gets close to that goal level, 25ml in this example, you’re good to go. If you want, you can take this alcohol tincture and add it to some kratom powder to absorb the tincture, then you could toss and wash with it, or cap it up. Just make sure you do the math, and try to incorporate it evenly.

Either do it dose by dose, so adding 1ml of tincture to 1g of powder, then mixing it up is good. Or by using some sort of misting bottle, and spraying the powder while it’s laying out in a thin layer on a cookie sheet or something.

Also you can speed up the evaporation times by increasing the heat. So you could take the mason jar, and place it on a candle warmer with the fan pointing at the top. But this is obviously a little more risky, and would definitely recommend being with it at all times, and checking the temp of the candle warmer or hot plate before adding the alcohol.

Don’t let it get above 170f, and make sure the fan is blowing, as you don’t want the fumes to build up at all. I use a candle warmer which gets to around 140-160f with a desk fan, and it works really well with the skinny 8oz mason jars. I evaporate till I get close to my target volume, then do the last little bit just by leaving the lid off in the open air, to slow it down for accuracy towards the end.

But yeah, that’s most of the overview and stuff you’ll need to know. You can make it as concentrated as you want, but around 10 grams per ml is about as concentrated as I’d go, as it’ll be hard to dose beyond that point.

Dropper Bottle

Grabbing a tincture bottle with a dropper that has markings on it also helps, or you could use a glass syringe with the markings as well. They sell both on Amazon. With the tincture bottles 20 drops equals 1ml, so that’s a good thing to keep in mind if you want to keep it in liquid form and make it super concentrated.

Then later on once you’re comfortable and find the dosing to be accurate, you can do 50/50 tincture with powder, so if your normal dose is 4g, take 2g worth of tincture and 2g of powder. Some people claim tinctures or extracts like this lack a lot of the nuisance of the powder itself, so this is kind of a best of both worlds approach for that issue.


I hope this explains how kratom alkaloids are extracted from kratom powder. Making kratom extracts and kratom tinctures at home saves a lot of money and helps control what you are putting into your body.

Cannabis tincture is made in a similar fashion. You can use canning jars or glass bottles for any of your at home recipes. Red Bubble Kratom is another kratom recipe to check out!


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