Is Kratom Banned In Alabama?

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Kratom Legality

Can You Buy Kratom Online In Alabama?

The legal status of Kratom has now become a great concern for people in the US and across the globe at the same time. The reason behind this fact is the lack of strong advocacy from Kratom lovers. Moreover, the negative media coverage has also made the legality of Kratom a controversial subject.

Though many US states have allowed the consumption, sale, and purchase of Kratom in their respective regions, some have banned it permanently. How about Alabama? Well, this guide explains this subject in detail. Let’s get a bit deeper.

Can You Sell, Buy, & Possess Kratom in Alabama?

Are you an Alabama citizen, or have you been living there for a while? Concerned about whether or not you can take Kratom in this area?

Well, the bad news is that the state authorities do not allow anyone to buy, sell, or take Kratom anywhere within this region. The laws are very strict toward Kratom consumption. We will see it in detail below.

When & Why Was Kratom Criminalized in this State?

Before May 2016, Kratom was a legal substance in this state. Then, Robert Bentley (the state governor) made Kratom illegal by signing Senate Bill 226. The sale, purchase, and consumption.

The bill restricted everything. The interesting thing is that the bill didn’t specifically mention the word “Kratom.” Instead, it highlighted that the two signature alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, are unsafe and must be criminalized.

Now the question comes as to why exactly Alabama banned Kratom for its citizens and residents. In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) announced the addition of Kratom to a list of controlled substances. But the Kratom advocates ran a solid advocacy campaign to spoil or destroy this act of the DEA.

Alabama authorities were expecting a ban throughout the US. Therefore, they made this plant material illegal in this region.

Though the DEA remained unsuccessful in banning Kratom in 2016, this herb was permanently banned in the state of Alabama.

Kratom Laws in Alabama: 2024 Updates

As stated earlier, currently, you can’t sell, buy, or ingest Kratom on the premises of Alabama. However, the laws may change in the future, depending on what the federal government thinks.

The good thing is that thousands of advocates are running advocacy campaigns throughout the US, including Alabama. So, their efforts may do a miracle anywhere in the future. All you need to do is to stay positive and be hopeful.

How Did the Public React to the Kratom Ban?

When Alabama citizens heard about the update on Kratom’s legal status, they started raising their voices in favor of Kratom to somehow protect it from being banned. People who were against the bill suggested that the state authorities should regulate this herb instead of banning it permanently.

Many press releases were delivered to support Kratom and change its legal status back to the previous one. At the same time, different petitions were signed for the same purpose. In addition, Kratom supporters also visited the State House to present their concerns and fight against the Kratom ban.

A few hours were given to the public to prepare for the state decision. Then, the state governor, Bently, converted the bill into law. Right after this decision, police started raiding Kratom retail shops, stocks, and businesses. It was declared that the people and businesses dealing in Kratom manufacturing, distribution, and possession would be arrested and sealed, respectively.

A fair warning was issued to everyone. Retailers and sellers were told that either they get rid of Kratom or get ready for jail.

According to Mike O’Dell, he thought that the sellers and the public would cooperate. He was surprised to see that on the very next day of the Kratom ban, the quantity of Kratom in the market was too low. Businesses were given enough time to remove Kratom from their displays.

Penalties for Buying, Consuming, or Selling Kratom in Alabama

SB 226 stated that Kratom is not only a Schedule I substance but is also criminalized. It means that the punishment for Kratom will be the same as for other substances listed among Schedule I. The nature of punishment may vary depending on the exact offense and the weight of the product. Let’s look at different punishments people who violate state laws may face.

If you consume Kratom in Alabama and you get caught, it will be called a class D felony. The fine for this punishment is up to $7,500, and imprisonment is 1 to 5 years. Driving across state lines into Alabama can get you arrested.

If someone is caught manufacturing Kratom, it will be considered a class A or B felony. Someone giving or selling Kratom to minors (those who are under 18) will be charged with a class A felony. In this case, there is no chance that the execution of punishment can get suspended.

In Alabama, manufacturing, consumption, delivery, or sale of 56 grams or more of Kratom constitutes trafficking. The prison sentence can be between 3 years and a whole lifetime, depending on the number of Kratoms being caught. The fine range for the same punishment lies between $50,000 and $250,000.

How to Buy Kratom Online in Alabama?

Since Kratom is banned in this state, you must be concerned about its purchase. Many vendors don’t deliver their Kratom products to states where this herb is illegal. You may find some online sellers delivering Kratom anywhere in the US, but breaking the law is not advised.

If you are looking to buy genuine Kratom online in Alabama, unfortunately, Christopher’s Organic Botanicals will not be an option. Furthermore, you can also visit states sharing border with Alabama where this herb is legal (like Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida) to buy kratom in a store in one of those states, but do not bring it back to Alabama.

What Does the Future Hold?

Though Kratom laws are stringent in the state of Alabama and arrests are increasing day by day, advocates are still hopeful and making continuous efforts to legalize Kratom one way or the other.


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