Kratom Is Not Legal In Wisconsin

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Kratom Is Not Legal In Wisconsin – You Can’t Buy Kratom From Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

Kratom users have to ensure that they know the legal status of this herb in the state or city where they are located. While millions use this stimulating and potent botanical, there are a few states in America that have stringent rules against herbs and natural substances like Kratom.

Kratom is not legal in Wisconsin, but what does that mean? Can you use Kratom in this state or any city within Wisconsin? We will discuss the status of Kratom in Wisconsin to help you understand.

When Did Wisconsin Ban Kratom?

Lawmakers banned Kratom in Wisconsin in 2013. The ban was due to the lack of research on Kratom, which meant that the effects of this herb were not fully known. While Kratom users were not happy with the ban, the lawmakers were certain that it was a good move.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve the use of Kratom and has declared it as an unregulated substance. This lack of regulation means that the FDA does not check the purity and safety of Kratom products sold in America. The FDA’s disapproval is a big thing, and Wisconsin lawmakers do not want to allow the herb because they do not want to go against the judgment and standards of the FDA.

However, in different years since 2013, Kratom users and advocates have suggested a bill to legalize Kratom in the state. Simultaneously, several lawmakers are asking the advocates and Kratom enthusiasts to abandon the bill. In 2023, the Wisconsin State Substances Board told the Legislature not to de-schedule Kratom. Therefore, in 2024, Kratom remains illegal in Wisconsin.

Is There Any Penalty If You Are Caught With Kratom In Wisconsin?

If an individual is found using Kratom in Wisconsin, they have to pay a penalty for breaking the law. Suppose a person is found with Kratom products or any synthetically derived compound of Kratom. In that case, it is considered a 1A Class C misdemeanor, which means that the individual will have to pay a fine of $500 or imprisonment of up to 30 days.

Since Wisconsin state law has declared Kratom as a scheduled substance, using it in the state parameters means that the individual has committed a punishable felony. This offense can result in a prison term of up to three years, and the fine can be up to $10,000.

Can I Ship Kratom To And From Wisconsin?

Numerous quality online stores offer authentic and pure Kratom from Southeast Asia. However, these shops are aware of the legal status of Kratom in each state, county, and city. If Kratom is banned in Wisconsin, no ethical online shop will ship it to any address from this state. Similarly, you will not be able to ship Kratom out of Wisconsin because none of the legal and ethical shipping services will allow that.

Wisconsin lawmakers and enforcers are quite strict when it comes to the use of prohibited botanical substances like Kratom. If you want to order Kratom, you will have to do it outside the state of Wisconsin, where this herb is allowed for use.

How Can I Bring Kratom To Wisconsin? – Buy Kratom From Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

Since Kratom is illegal in Wisconsin, you cannot bring it to the state from any other destination. Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is a quality online shop for Kratom, aiming to educate its users. You cannot buy Kratom legally in Wisconsin, and therefore, any shop verified by the American Kratom Association will not ship Kratom products to this state.

If you visit another state where Kratom consumption is allowed, you can order fresh and potent products from Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. Some users might try and buy Kratom from street paddlers, who can sell stale, contaminated, and unfresh Kratom varieties for a small profit.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is a quality outlet for Kratom products, and every product is tested in third-party laboratories to ensure purity and safety. Similarly, the shop’s packaging standards are superior to those of others, as every product is packed in GMP-compliant packaging with a vacuum seal and locked caps.

Will Kratom Become Legal In The Near Future In Wisconsin?

As we mentioned earlier, Kratom enthusiasts and advocates have tried to get Kratom legalized in Wisconsin. Currently, Assembly Bill 393, for the legalization of Kratom in Wisconsin, is under consideration.

There are thousands of potential Kratom users in the state who want to use this herb. However, a few lawmakers believe that this bill should not be passed. If this bill is passed, it will allow the sale of Kratom products in Wisconsin.

In 2021, Assembly Bill 599 was presented in the Wisconsin legislature. This bill adopted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The primary objective of this bill was to regulate the production of Kratom and ensure that it is available to users over 21. The KCPA demands manufacturers state the contents of every product and specify every alkaloid in the Kratom product.

The American Kratom Association plays an integral role in creating a positive image of Kratom among lawmakers and politicians who do not know much about this botanical and have heard about it from the wrong sources. The AKA is also actively playing its role in getting Kratom legalized in Wisconsin.


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals believes in educating potential users, and it is a duty for all ethical Kratom product vendors to inform their customers and Kratom users about the laws of various states and cities where Kratom is not allowed.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals will not ship Kratom to any place in Wisconsin because the online shop strictly follows the law. If you want to try Kratom, it is best to go to a state where this botanical is allowed.


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