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This is a spectacular online vendor selling natural mitragyna specosia products that should get added to your list of trustworthy vendors. In this growing market, customers should only be exposed to those online vendors that are true to what they say, and PhytoExtractum is one of them.

PhytoExtractum is based in Portland, Oregon. This online kratom vendor has been selling high-quality kratom items for fifteen years without complaints of them being unsatisfactory. Plus, this brand will offer services to their customers that you won’t see at other vendors. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this online kratom supplier and its products!

Kratom Products & Kratom Price

PhytoExtractum offers tree leaves in powder form, capsule form, mitragyna liquid shots, and extracts. Plus, customers can also purchase a kratom book and tea accessories. Here are the strains and prices available.

1) Kratom Powder

The powder items can be purchased in the following veins and types:

  • The Red, White, Green, and Yellow vein powder all cost $9.95. However, Red Dragon Ketum powder would be $11.75.
  • Bali kratom powder and leaf are priced at $8.75
  • Super Indo has a cost of $12.49
  • The kratom powder blend would be priced at $10.99.
  • Maeng da Thai Kratom Leaf can get bought for $12.49 in the yellow vein, $19.75 in the red vein, and $19.75 in the white vein.

2) Kratom Capsules

There are many you can find on their website. Some unique ones include:

  • The start price for Gold Elite tea, soft gels, and chewable pills is $19.99.
  • Platinium Phyto soft gels and chewable tea capsules have respective initial costs of $22.45 and $22.99.
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) ketum soft gels and chewable tea tablets will cost customers $21.45 and $20.99 each.

3) Kratom Extract

Even though PhytoExtractum offers a huge variety of premium pure tree leaf capsules, the following are ones that customers won’t discover at any other seller.

  • Gold reserve extract and gold elite kratom extracts have a price of $39.99 and $42.99, respectively.
  • Phyto Platanium extract weighs five grams for $44.99 and 10 grams for $84.99.
  • Enhanced Bali extract weighs from five grams to forty grams for $10.65 and $84.99
  • Gold Elephas, Indo Black, and Maeng da X kratom extracts are all available at a starting price of $29.95.

4) Liquid Shots

  • The cost of the Full Spectrum liquid shot and the Phyto Reserve liquid shot is $24.95.
  • Phyto Platinum liquid shot has a reasonable cost of $25.95.
  • With only $23.95, you can purchase UEI liquid extracts and a Full Spectrum liquid shot.

Phytoextractum Coupon Code

You won’t see many other ketum vendors offering free stuff to their customers. We mean it when we say this kratom online vendor will shower you with the best services.

As soon as a customer’s order basket reaches $200, they will receive a gift. And don’t worry, there is no shipping fee for them. Complimentary hand sanitizer, Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense, Milk Thistle Extract capsules, wooden incense burners with brass inlays, and blue sage smudge are just a few of the free goodies. To receive some free goodies, place an order from this online kratom merchant!

How Does Phytoextractum Take Care of Quality Assurance & Lab Testing?

PhytoExtractum has a proven track record of guaranteeing the highest product quality. PhytoExtractum has implemented strict quality control procedures, but in light of the current coronavirus pandemic, it is going over and beyond. They take care of quality assurance by more sanitation and cleaning, COVID-PTO for the team, and preventing visitors from entering the warehouse.

Moving on to kratom lab testing, the vendor follows thorough testing of the kratom products. All items go through third-party testing; there is no internal checking. The business recently moved its monitoring to new facilities and is constantly refining its processes and strategies to find any potential contamination or adulteration.

Buy Wholesale Kratom

If you are a new customer, go to the company website and fill out the form given in the wholesale section. Your company name or DBA, tax identification number (SSN or EIN), and contact phone number should all be included in the form. All this information is essential; if it is absent in your application, your request will not get authorized for wholesale kratom. It will take 72 hours to respond, and only bank wire, cashier’s check, or bitcoin are accepted for wholesale payment.

Customer Reward Program

The online retailer started a customer reward program to honor its customers for their patronage. All you need to do to take advantage of the customer rewards program is to place an order.

You receive a point worth $0.01 when you place your order. You may use those points to redeem for your future order; 10% of those points are available for usage. It is a quick and efficient approach to receiving a discount on your subsequent orders.

However, these points are only good for 90 days. They expire if you don’t utilize them by the deadline.

Does It Offer Free Shipping?

There is a piece of good news for mitragyna consumers. PhytoExtractum is happily offering free shipping! The online merchant offers UPS Collect on Delivery for FREE.

On top of that, they provide FREE UPS, Next Day Saver, with every transaction over $150. Furthermore, all purchases over $75 qualify for free Priority Mail. They not only excel with their free delivery service but are also great at providing same-day shipping.


Stop searching on Google for a kratom vendor near me. You got an excellent vendor waiting to welcome you.

Along with excelling in customer service, PhytoExtractum will provide you with the best-tasted all-natural herbal products at a reasonable price. You have your standard online mitragyna vendor present- all you have to do is place an order! If you still cannot find what you are looking for then check out Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.


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